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I led the league in punt return yardage
Posted On 01/08/2020 02:23:19 by MMOexpshop

What I did not plan for is that the QB AI would be just as bad. I just lost in the divisional round of the playoffs after going 13-3. He's famous for in MUT 20 Coins. Never once did he scramble. 3rd and 18 after ingesting the 8th bag of Madden? He will throw to the flat. 3rd and inches? 50 yard bomb to coverage.

Time does not matter. I lost in the divisional round because I transferred the ball down the field and based it for an easy field goal. Except when they shot my RB off the... Read More

It resulted in Madden nfl 20 coins
Posted On 01/01/2020 20:25:30 by rsgoldfast

Those interested in the facts can read it up on on EA's forum post from last week, but to make a long story short, it resulted in Madden Nfl 20 coins a bigger problem that prevented some users from linking to their own leagues that are online.


EA took measures, disabling all Online Franchise Leagues until further notice Now. EA clarified in a post today a server-side fix rolled out to address the issue resulted in servers locking up. To stop it from dispersing t... Read More

I checked Facebook feed as usual
Posted On 12/11/2019 20:05:38 by MMOexpshop

Then perform the Nfl Epics, get a lot of Gold Madden player packs plus 86 Baker and 86 Deacon. Then try the Gauntlet solos, I have gotten a few elite Mut 20 coins players from the gold Madden player packs in those, plus 100 stars gets you a nat 89 card. Try out the Journey solos as soon as you have some time on your hands, they are long, boring and bothersome, however a nat 88 Thomas and 91 Jones are solid if you're starting your team up. Another one to test if you've got time in your hands i... Read More

Try out the Journey solos once you've got time
Posted On 12/08/2019 20:36:36 by MMOexpshop

The only way for your recipient to Madden 20 coins actually catch the ball is if you get him open and if there's anyone near by you need to possession grab and even then they still drop it occasionally. 50/50 balls are more like 90/10 balls to the corners because for some reason the corners are somewhat better at catching and actually put more effort into catches particularly spec catches. Like for example if I've gronk with a corner tracking and gronk gets his hands on that ball he shouldn't... Read More

You won't be able to see which trait these elite
Posted On 11/29/2019 23:01:23 by MMOexpshop

You get more experience points for every single action you complete in franchise mode. That means you are going to have more chances to increase the evaluations of your Madden players. The ratings system has been adjusted. For example, EA has said that the"gap between a 90 OVR Madden player and 89 OVR Madden player is currently larger." In theory, it follows that each Madden Nfl 20 coins skill level and overall level bulge will increase a Madden player's attributes before.

The new... Read More

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