Title: Bought it for PS4 in buy mt nba 2k21
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Blog Entry: Exactly hype it up for ages for  nba 2k21 mt  a month or two then never play it because it's crap. In saying that I'll buy a new gen games console to play with it tho.I saw City on Twitter but I believe that is too ambitious and unnecessary for a basketball game. Random thought... cross-play and every platform has a Neighborhood in the City? You can play against people on the exact same platform as you or move in the City and cross-play. It would put PC/Switch/Stadia in a disadvantage for any rivals, so group these three into one Neighborhood? I hope we do not have to buy NBA 2K20 twice. We should also have the ability to carry over everything. I keep repeating myself in the hopes which makes it true, but other major publishers are doing it 2K almost has to, they will look bad and greedy if they don't. EA is currently offering it for Madden for a single. I think one year is reasonable and 2K kinda has to follow suit if they move route since they will receive a backlash. I also see a lot of individuals on Twitter thinking that Smart shipping (you buy game and it works on both new and last gen) works for each and every game. Smart delivery is only guaranteed for 1st party Microsoft titles, many others need to provide MS permission to empower it (AC Valhalla and Cyberpunk agreed to be a part of Smart delivery such as ). Backwards compatible =/= Smart Delivery and that is something Microsoft hasn't done a fantastic job of clearing up for lovers. You could have two separate games (2K20 and 2K20 Next Level or something) that are both playable on XBX/PS5 due to backwards compatibility. Current gen will make it match in September and then when new consoles drop they gonna launch improved variant (November or December), it's 2K14 around again. What they can do differently now is allow people to just carry over NBA 2K20 free of cost, so if you have bought it for PS4 in  buy mt nba 2k21  September you will be permitted to get the next gen version on PS5 totally free of charge, EA said during their earnings call that they will have that option for first calendar year.